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Haiden Lindow
Haiden Lindow


  Haiden Lindow was born in the wee morning hours on May 26, 2010. He was a happy baby but was struggling to meet developmental goals as he grew. ECI was assigned to work with him and his parents to try and obtain his goals. At nine months of age Haiden was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. The doctors and specialist told his parents that he would most likely never walk or talk, Haiden had other plans though. He started walking on his second birthday and he talks non-stop now. 

 He has to make frequent trips to Dallas to see his neurologist and other doctors. He also sees Dr. Perry from Cooks Childrens who is good enough to make trips up to Amarillo for his patients.Haiden has had multiple MRIs, CTs, EKGs and EEGs. He has been hospitalized multiple times for his seizures. He still struggles with seizures but are more controlled than before. 

  Haiden has come a long way in the years since his diagnosis and most of it comes from the support of his family, friends and loved ones around him that see Haiden as the angel he is. His love of life and being an ambitious boy brings happiness to all. He loves playing golf, riding his razor, playing outside and loves his family. He has struggled but that has made him a tough, loveable little man. 


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