Idaho Sharon's Ride 2017

Anthony Strong
Anthony Strong

Team Anthony

Please join us to walk or run for a good cause.... to raise awareness for Epilepsy.

My name is Anthony!
I am 9 years old and was diagnosed with Myoclonic Epilepsy on September 10th 2013. I dont have the kind of seizures you might think of when you hear the word "Epilepsy" or "Seizures." The kind I have are so small and quick that even if you saw it happen you might think I just got the chills because I'm cold or maybe I jerked my arms and slightly dropped my head on purpose. But thats not the case. Thats me having a seizure. I have seizures all day and night even when I'm sleeping. When I was 4 years old my mom first noticed my "jerking movements" she recorded me for the doctors to see how many "jerking moments" I was having in the morning before I went to school. I was having over 12 seizures just while eating my breakfast. Then when I had to go to the hospital to have an EEG scan of my brain to test for the movements I had over 25 seizures in 2 hours. So I am tired all the time and have alot of mood swings just like normal people would if they didnt sleep well at night. I take medication 2 times a day but that does not stop all of the seizures from happening but it does help. I have a few other diagnosed disabilities that the doctors are trying to find through my genetics if they are all related to my Epilepsy but right now we are not sure why I have it and there is not a cure for seizures or epilepsy yet. Thats where I need your help. The only way for the Epilepsy Foundation to raise money for research is by you donating or joining MY TEAM! TEAM ANTHONY!!! Please join me, my family, and friends to fight for this cause. Thank You!

Myoclonic Seizures
Unlike atonic seizures (which cause the patient’s muscle to go limp), myoclonic seizures (myo meaning “muscle”, clonic meaning “jerk”) result in an increase in muscle tone. The areas of the brain stem responsible for increasing and decreasing muscle tone are close together – meaning atonic and myoclonic seizures probably begin in the same place. Patients experiencing sudden dramatic changes in muscle tone will often suffer from either or both types of seizures.Patients suffering from myoclonic seizures typically react as if hit by a single jolt of electricity. Objects such as toothbrushes, toys, cups, etc. may fly out of the child’s hands. The child and his parents may assume that he is just sleepy or clumsy.

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